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Episcopal Community Services


Dignity and Respect: ECS believes in people and their inherent ability to make choices, and recognizes the worth of each person: clients, employees, board members, community.

Integrity: We act fairly, we work hard, we develop sound practices, and we are a good employer, service provider and steward of resources.

Compassion: We see potential in each person and meet them where they are. We care about the people we employ and the people we serve.

Diversity: ECS cultivates a diverse group of stakeholders. We appreciate the value of having everyone represented at the table.

Community and Collaboration: We are part of a larger community and a larger world. These relationships inform our work and benefit our clients.

Vision and Leadership: We approach our work with enthusiasm and passion, developing best practices and nourishing leadership throughout ECS.

Flexibility, Innovation, Movement: We do dynamic work with responsiveness to both needs and opportunities.

Continuum, Holistic approach: We believe there is no wrong doorway for seeking our services, and we maintain a connection with comprehensive resources in the San Francisco community.

Tools and Empowerment: We seek to equip people with support, knowledge, and the essential services needed to attain their goals.


Kenneth J. Reggio
Executive Director