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Envision Academy of Arts and Technology


For our students to truly be prepared to succeed in college, they must be proficient in the four academic competencies: analysis, research, inquiry, and creative expression. This requires our students to be able to think, read, and write critically. Teachers will be using similar literacy strategies across all content areas and asking students to think, read, write and speak with evidence. In addition, we’ll continue to build our reading muscle through Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) for 20 minutes four days a week. Our goal is for all students to grow at least 1.5+ grade levels in reading.

We will also continue to push all students to earn a 2.7 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher each marking period, which makes it much more likely for students to be accepted into a Cal State University (CSU).

In order to meet our goals, we need families to participate. Please check your student’s planner every night, as the expectation is that they are writing down homework and other important information in it daily. Thank you in advance for supporting and encouraging your students as they pursue acceptance to a four-year college!

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Laura Robell