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Dogtown Athletic


We at Dogtown Athletic want to provide the most innovative training facility in the Bay Area. Housed in a 10,000 square foot warehouse style building in West Oakland, sandwiched between the MacArthur and West Oakland Bart stations, we are able to custom tailor a fitness program that matches our members’ goals. Whether you are interested in functional fitness, HIIT, Boxing, Speed & Agility, or personal training, we have the program for you. Our goal is to bring out the athlete in you and create a fit-minded individual. Whether you are already a professional athlete, or have never worked out before, we can match your goals with our trainers. All we want is for you to want a healthy lifestyle. Show us that commitment, and you will see results. Although we are no longer affiliated with CrossFit, we offer the same functional fitness training. We just call ours MetCon for metabolic conditioning. It incorporates all of the variety of movements that contribute to a highly efficient workout using basic techniques, such as pushing & pulling, squatting & jumping, lifting & throwing. Our equipment is brand new and carefully selected by our trainers and partners. It is all here, waiting for you.


Daniel Kwon