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DiverseCity, Inc. is a non-profit youth development organization that brings together kids from diverse backgrounds. The program is founded on the belief that athletics can be used as vehicle for real change in our society. During a time when socioeconomics still results in real segregation, DiverseCITY believes that sports can be used as tools to help bridge divides.

What started as our passion project in 2007- bringing kids from West Philadelphia together with kids from suburban Philadelphia – has evolved into a national platform for youth development. DiverseCity has successfully brought together thousands of youth from diverse communities in cities across the nation. We currently run programs in Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

We aim to develop a family atmosphere in our programs, where students learn from current and former college athletes who understand their sport and the beauty of the larger world. It is our sincere hope that DiverseCity alumni leave not just with a better jump shot or fastball, but with a better outlook on life and the world around them.


James Levine