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Community Schools for Creative Education


Community School for Creative Education (CSCE) is a free, TK-8th grade, public Waldorf charter school. To enroll, children must be five years old by December 2, 2017. Our school, along with 90% of other charter schools across the city, is using a common application called Enroll Oakland Charters. The application is available online at https://enrolloak.schoolmint.net You can also obtain a paper copy of this application at the school, 2111 International Boulevard, Oakland CA 94606.

Admission to CSCE is conducted by lottery. TO BE INCLUDED IN THE LOTTERY, APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BY MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2017. PAPER APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN PERSON BY 4:00 PM ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2017. After the lottery deadline, applications will be processed (and offered admission or space on our wait list) in the order received.


Ms. Alejandra Baez