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Collective Impact


Founded in 2007, Collective Impact is a unique non-profit organization whose mission is to bring constructive change to people. We recognize that all people are connected, and believe that, if we work together, we can develop inventive solutions to the issues facing our community. Collective Impact serves as an incubator for innovative programs . We aim to nurture innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues. We provide resources and support to organizations so they can focus on developing their programs. Together we can make an impact.

The programs in our organization – Magic Zone, Mo’MAGIC, Ella Hill Hutch Community Center – may focus on different work, but they share a common goal: to create a positive impact on our local communities and the people they support. We partner with other organizations, agencies, and programs who share our vision.

We understand that through education, people and communities can become empowered to transform their lives and situations. We provide the support and resources to help people of all ages become self-reliant, whether they are at-risk youth living in public housing or families who need information about nourishing food, and how they can live a healthier life.

At Collective Impact, we recognize that the future of our children and our communities are at risk. We are taking action today that will help us realize positive changes tomorrow.


Michael Heffernan
Board President CEO