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Charity and the JAMband


JAM is a hootenanny, a hullabaloo, a dance party, a shindig-bash, a festival, a family band, a rain dance, a sun song, a fairy frolic, a wander in the park, a race on the beach, a flitting floating butterfly-bop, a blundering thundering elephant-stomp, a twirling-whirling-swirling dizzy-dee fall-down boogie!

JAM is about making sounds and songs and hooting and hollering and belly laughing and shimmying and swaying and running and jumping and jiving and bouncing with people you love!

JAM is about pushing the furniture to the walls and creating a dancing room in your homes and your hearts, for forever, for inside and out, for back and forth, for now.

JAM is about being real and feeling alive.



Charity Kahn