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Castlemont Community Transformation Schools


Welcome to Castlemont Community Transformation Schools, where education transforms young people into agents of social change.

Through a partnership with community, families, educators, and the Oakland Unified School District, Castlemont Community Transformation Schools (CCTS) offers students the highest-quality educational services and wrap-around support from cradle to career. Our innovative approach combines a rigorous and relevant, developmentally-sequenced academic program with an integrated net of support and enrichment opportunities for students, within their own community.

We believe in teaching and supporting the whole child. We believe that a child’s current and future academic success is grounded in a much larger ecosystem. To that end, CCTS has put education at the forefront of an indigenously driven, community transformation effort. By creating community-wide access to a high quality cradle to career education, CCTS can and will equip all students to become 21st century leaders and change agents in their communities.


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Andrea Lee
Director of Development and Community Relations