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Care Fresno


Care Fresno was born in 1995 when the then Deputy Chief of Police Darrell Fifield came to the table of many influential Christian leaders throughout Fresno and proposed, "If we (the police department) run the criminals out, will you (the church leaders) run the Churches in?" It was here that the Fresno police department, pastors and local apartment complex owners, distressed by a high rate of crime calls from apartments, formed a collaborative partnership now called Care Fresno. The mission of Care Fresno was set to create safe and healthy communities throughout Fresno County in apartment complexes, community centers and schools all brought about through the collaborative efforts by local Police and Sheriff's departments, faith based organizations and community agencies with resident input and leadership. Care Fresno has served thousands of children and adults in their programs since its inception.

In 1996, the prestigious Peter Drucker Foundation presented Care Fresno with the nationally recognized Peter Drucker award for Non-Profit Innovation. In 2000, Care Fresno was one of the two Featured Programs who helped Fresno achieve the All-America City award. Through Care Fresno's decorated 18 year history, over 60 neighborhoods have been served. The programs of the past have included after-school tutoring programs, E.S.L. classes, job training programs, art classes, mentoring programs for at-risk youth, sports programs, carnivals, block parties, neighborhood watch meetings and much more.


Randy Mewhirter
Executive Director