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What does EDMO stand for? To start, it’s a nickname that kids invented for us when we used to go by our full name, Camp Edventure More. That’s just the start though. EDMO also stands for combining the most ingeniously fun Steam and SEL approaches into one amazing camp. It doesn’t stop there. EDMO also stands for equality and community. As a non-profit, we reinvest our proceeds into your community through our Sliding Scale Program and discounted EDMO360 school year programs for teachers. Adventure more with us this summer and find out what EDMO means to you!

The Primary language of Camp EDMO is English, but our resources come home in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

If your child requires an aide at school, please also have an aide with your child at camp. If you do not have access to an aide for your child, a Regional Center of California could be a good place to find the services your child requires. If you are struggling to find accommodations, we are more than happy to assist you.

If your child does require an aide, please notify the Camp Director at your location prior to the week your child is attending camp.

We stand by our belief that ALL children and schools should have access to quality Summer Camp and School Year enrichment programs. We help make this happen by allocating 5% of camp proceeds and 100% of donations to fund School Year Programs, as well as our Sliding Scale (Financial Aid) Program that provides assistance to those who may not otherwise be able to afford our camps. In 2017 we provided 1,085 subsidized weeks to families across all Bay Area and Greater Sacramento Area locations through our Sliding Scale Program.

To qualify for our Sliding Scale Pricing Program, families must:

Have a combined annual gross household income of $150K or less in the SF Bay Area or $100K or less in the Sacramento Area (income verification may be requested). Be able to pay between $150-$450/week, pending application approval.* Be flexible with camp location and dates. Read the “Program Rules & Policies” tab carefully before applying. Complete the program application. Pay a $20 application fee. If accepted into the program, the $20 will be applied as a credit to your summer camp balance. If for any reason we are unable to offer you camp, you may request an application fee refund. Not have already registered for Camp EDMO's current season. *Weekly rates will be determined on a case-by-case basis from information you provide to us in your Sliding Scale (Financial Aid) Application.


Chelsea Freitas
Marketing Associate