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Brava Theater Center


Brava! For Women in the Arts, a professional arts organization, owns and operates the Brava Theater Center. At BRAVA we produce, present and cultivate the artistic expression of women, people of color, youth, LGBTQ and other unheard voices. Founded in 1986 by Ellen Gavin and an eclectic and talented group of women, Brava! For Women in the Arts was created to give voice to the unspoken realities of women's lives through the creation of new theater works.

To expand its mission, Brava For Women in the Arts purchased the historic Mission District building, the York Theatre, renaming it Brava Theater Center. Comprised of a Main Stage with world-class lighting and sound, a Second Stage that doubles as a rehearsal studio, and a contemporary lobby/gallery showcasing visual art, Brava Theater Center has become synonymous with thought-provoking shows that spotlight artists from around the Bay Area—and beyond.


Anastacia (Stacie) Powers Cuellar
Executive Director