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Avloni Academy of Music


The Avloni Academy of Music was formed in August 2006 by uniting two well known music schools: Lamorinda Academy of Music and Arts, founded by Dr. Umida Avloni in East Bay, and two locations of the Polonsky Piano School, founded by Dr.Viktor and Anna Polonsky in South Bay. The new fourth location with a concert hall was opened in November 2006. Currently the Academy has four locations, serving a student body of almost 350 people with a faculty of 36 teachers.

Every year piano students from Dr. Avloni’s class win top prizes at international, national, regional and local piano competitions: US Open, Junior Bach Festival, Kids Playing The Darndest Things, Performing Arts Society, Awards for Excellency Contest and many others. In the last seven years Dr. Avloni’s students won over 400 prizes at the abovementioned contests. This includes 48 gold, silver, and bronze medals at the USOMC (2002-2009), and 50 first places at the Baroque Festival of the MTAC (2004-2006) and Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Music Festivals of the AAM (2007-2009).

Her students, range from amateurs to professionals with Ph.D.’s in the fields of musicology, piano and composition, work at music schools, conservatories, universities, radio and TV stations across Asia, Europe and North America.


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Dr. Umida Avloni