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Arab Cultural Center


The Post-9/11 world is not an easy place for people of Arab descent. The 2001 attacks proved to the world that horrible, cruel acts of terrorism could have a profound impact upon a culture, and as such inspired a whole new generation of radicals which continues to threaten both the East and the West to this very day. In addition, fear has begun spreading through Europe and America, and as “Star Wars” taught us, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering – something that people of Arab descent living in the West know all too well. Just as much as Westerners are afraid of terrorist attacks, people of Arab descent face the much more immediate danger of being beaten, insulted, discriminated against and even killed solely because they were born with the “wrong” skin color and faith. And now, with one of the leading presidential candidates in America promising to deport everyone exercising the Muslim faith, it seems like the hatred against people of Arab descent has reached a climax.