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Alum Rock Mariachi Program


The Alum Rock Mariachi Program is an after school and summer program serving third through 8th grade students. Implemented annually since 1998, the program's goal is to provide access to an ethnic and culturally diverse, high quality, music education and performing arts program to the students of the Alum Rock Elementary School District.

The Alum Rock Mariachi Program is a Bilingual Cultural Performing Arts program that focuses on the folkloric music of the southwest region of Mexico known as the music of the Mariachi. The program follows an Ethno-musicology concept, implementing lecture and practice for performance. This program teaches the basic concepts of Music Theory and fundamentals of the following instruments: Guitarron, Guitar, Vihuela, Violin, and Trumpet. These instruments are used to improve student's ability to sight-read, play by ear, and harmonize on solo and ensemble Mariachi repertoire.

There is also a Vocal Program where students receive practical instruction in vocalization and sight singing, while cultivating all registers of their voices for the Mariachi style of singing. Vocal training emphasizes the basic skills of breathing, tone and diction. All songs are sung in Spanish (a few songs are bilingual) and proper pronunciation of the lyrics is emphasized. Advanced students receive in-depth emphasis on musical and vocal training for performance, including the fundamentals of movement, stage performance and song interpretation. The repertoire includes selected Mexican folk and Classical Spanish songs. All students perform for their peers, teachers and families at least four times annually.

All songs are sung in Spanish with emphasis on proper pronunciation.


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