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A Work of Heart Studio
176 Race Street
San Jose California 95126
All ages
1-3 pm M,Tu,W,Th Jul 16 - Jul 19 $160/week
All ages
10am-12pm M,Tu,W,Th Aug 6 - Aug 9 $160/week

Price Options
Four Day Camp $160/week
Per Day (Zentangle™ Introduction) $55
Per Day (Zentangle™ Zipper Pouch) $50
Six Months $90
Twelve Months $150
Zentangle Kit Contains Pens, Pencil, paper stump, tiles, zipper pouch and all materials for class projects $30
Discount on Studio Time & Classes for member 10% off
Merchandise (does not include teacher kit/material fees/custom kits like watercolor stacks or consignment items) 20% off
Discount on Pre-Paid Special Orders 30% off
Register to this event before 21-Jun-2018 or 12-Jul-2018 or 02-Aug-2018, each ticket (Four Day) $20 off
Register to this event before 14-Jul-2018 or 04-Aug-2018 each ticket (Per Day Zentangle™ Introduction) $10 off
Register to this event before 17-Jul-2018 or 07-Aug-2018 each ticket (Per Day Zentangle™ Zipper Pouch) $5 off